1. archaic tending to deprive of mental or physical ease or comfort.

Discomfort/able/ studies who can, how to, and why we do hard things.

This list will expand over time. No question is off limits. Feel free to send them my way.

Why are article titles so cryptic / impenetrable / barely related to the subject matter sometimes?

It’s typically an oblique reference a handful of people will understand, some dumb play on words or a misremembered quote.

I have noticed strange sentence structure. Is English your first language?

Yes, but it’s also probably the worst language on the planet, so I do what I like with it to improve the way it sounds / reads or feels (to me). This can sometimes mean forcing a reader (that’s you) to look at a word that may or may not exist and have context fill in the meaning.

Why do you say “adaption” and not “adaptation”?

Good point. I don’t think it’s incorrect to say the former or latter, from what I’ve seen. I do however much prefer the term adaption. Things may change. I may adaptate my language later to make it more palatable to readers with a preference (I won’t).

Why do you spell things incorrectly?

No, you spell things incorrectly. This is either how a word should be spelled, or is (in civilised areas of the world). Plus I have spellcheck turned off and rarely proofread.