1. archaic tending to deprive of mental or physical ease or comfort.

Discomfort/able/ studies who can, how to, and why we do hard things.

Why discomfort? Good question. It’s something we all experience, with different methods of handling it. I see it very much as the mechanism for driving adaption, which in turn increases our capacity for hardship. Hardship can be defined in many ways, from being able to handle exam or work stress to life or death situations on the side of a mountain. A better understanding of how to leverage, tolerate and experience discomfort will help all of us inoculate against collapsing in the face of adversity, but rather surfing the edge of chaos and adapting to what comes our way.

This site intends to discuss and disseminate ideas and methods that may help us all develop a greater capacity for whatever is thrown at – or chosen by – us without all the embarrassing tough guy persona robotic alpha negative driver bullshit muttered by grimacing achievement junkies with deep seated unresolved personal issues.

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.