1. archaic tending to deprive of mental or physical ease or comfort.

Discomfort/able/ studies who can, how to, and why we do hard things.

J. Craig Zielinski is known to his friends as Z, to gaming friends as Killinski, to his mother as Craig and forms of government and employers as John (don’t ask). John Craig Z Killinski Zielinski designed and built this site as a habitual continuation of projects that began with BAMF Athletics (2011/2012) then Basic Barbell (2013/2014) followed by Strong AF (2016) and recently Embracing Collapse (2021).

This is an accumulation of extra curricular study, thought and discussion in a broad range of subjects with the aim of continuing long developing themes of previous projects and disseminating them to assist others in pursuing meaningful change and growth.

What’s The Deal with the Logo?

At the same time, I was “researching” self-organised criticality (read as: looking for an uncomplicated explainer video) and the algorithm providing results included an interview with the late great anthropologist and author David Graeber titled “A Conversation With Anarchist David Graeber” which changed my understanding of anarchy (spoiler: it’s not riot-y chaos) to the point where I came to the realisation anarchy is more inline with my worldview than any of the current systems in place. Maybe you’re an anarchist and you don’t know it.

Following this compelling moment, the ubiquitous anarchy symbol came to mind. So, while staring at the geometrically perfect triangle and circle design I had, I put some hand drawn styled lines over it, canted it to a slight angle and moved the lines to make sure they didn’t line up perfectly. Behold, the logo was born.

Z was born in a small town called Dunoon on the West Coast of Scotland and moved to California in 2014 where he now lives with his wife Steph Gaudreau, and cat Dr. Ellie Hopkins. He can be contacted by email or whichever of the following trash platforms still function.